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The Fairtrade Foundation Schools team has created educational Home Learning Challenges based on their films and curriculum resources. Each challenge includes eight fun learning ideas for children to try at home. Themes include the rainforest, bananas and footballs.  https://schools.fairtrade.org.u

The challenges can be found via the 'Home Learning' filter in the online resources library and are organised by key stage. Like all the resources on the website, https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/ the challenges are free for anyone to download. The activities are flexible, open-ended and are designed to keep children engaged whilst developing key skills.

This week is *Fashion Revolution Week, so the current learning challenges are looking at the cotton industry and the difference Fairtrade can make. The accompanying film is “‘Unravelling the thread. The story of cotton”.

Please share the home learning challenge information as widely as you can with teachers, students and parents.

Thank you – and we hope the home learning challenges are useful.

Bradford Fairtrade Zone


*Fashion Revolution Week is a campaign for systematic change in the fashion industry and was created after the 20th April 2013 collapse of the eight storey Rana Plaza garment factory building, Bangladesh. In the current global Covid 19 pandemic situation, order cancellations along clothing and other supply chains are causing a crisis for millions of workers.


Published: 23/04/2020
Audience: All
Contact: Bradford Fairtrade Zone

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