CyberFirst is coming to Bradford on Saturday 29 February 2020!

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Launched in May 2016, and inspired and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, CyberFirst began as a programme of opportunities helping young people explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the world of cyber security. The workshops are completely FREE.

So whatever your age, you could be anyone, from anywhere in the UK. We’re not here just for the genius coders either; we’re open to all sorts of tech and computing passions. Livestreamers with their own gaming vlogs. Instagrammers who could find the perfect angle in their sleep. You really don’t have to be fluent in Javascript to be the kind of mind we need.

What’s more, we’ve opened our options up for more people than ever. It now covers a broad range of activities: comprehensive bursary and apprenticeship schemes; a girls only competition and schools development courses at UK universities and colleges. There’s even Cyber Discovery; our online extracurricular programme. Each activity is designed to seek out people like you with potential, offering the support, skills, experience and exposure you need to be the future first line of defence in our CyberFirst world.

CyberFirst is coming to Bradford on Saturday 29 February 2020!

The day is split as so:


CyberFirst Trailblazers – for students currently in Year 8. This is for young people that are considering which GCSEs they will take and how Computer Science can play a key role in future career prospects. The half-day event focuses on three activities – customising websites and learn how web pages are created, using digital forensics and learn how to use open source intelligence, and working in teams to create a digital animated video.


CyberFirst Adventurers – for students currently in Year 9. The is also aimed at young people who have not yet made their GCSE choices, so that they get the opportunity to see how studying computer science could potentially augment and enhance their future career paths. The half-day event will focus on three activities – use big data to create the perfect sports team, unlock various devices by learning and using code cracking techniques, and utilise a design program to create a 3D model.

For both events, we would want the students to be accompanied by their parents. To sign up and find out more information, please use:

The workshops are completely FREE so it's a great opportunity for young people in the area to explore a topic area where they may be unfamiliar.


Published: 08/01/2020
Audience: Secondary Computing Leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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