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Following the publication of the Early Career Framework in January, which will underpin a reformed statutory induction from September 2021, the Invitation to Tender for the procurement of the Full Induction Programme to support early roll-out of the Early Career Framework, has been announced.

Ambition Institute, Education Development Trust, Teach First and UCL Institute of Education (IOE) have been appointed to produce a range of fully funded materials and training programmes that will offer best practice in delivering support to early career teachers against each area of the Early Career Framework. They will produce and deliver these programmes working with a range of regional partners.

This is a further step forward in accomplishing the government’s priority to transform support for early career teachers, which was set out in the Recruitment and Retention strategy published in January.

From 2021, all early career teachers undergoing statutory induction will have an entitlement to a two year training and support programme underpinned by the Early Career Framework. To prepare for the national roll-out of induction reforms, from September 2020 there will be an early roll-out of the Early Career Framework in the North East, Greater Manchester, Doncaster and Bradford. Schools within these areas will have the opportunity to opt-in to have early access to this support.

The materials and training programmes will be freely available to schools in early roll-out areas who opt in.

What does this mean for schools and appropriate bodies in early roll-out areas?

The support package will be developed over the course of the coming academic year. From September 2020, schools in early roll-out areas who opt-in will be able to access this support.

During early roll-out, formal induction will continue to be one year long, and there will be no changes to the current arrangements as laid out in the Induction Regulations or accompanying statutory guidance. As such, there will be no changes to the role of the Appropriate Body during early roll-out.

Schools that opt in to access this support will be able to help iterate and improve provision to ensure it meets the needs of early career teachers, their mentors and their schools across the country.

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Published: 15/10/2019
Audience: Headteachers, NQT coordinators
Contact: Michael Garside

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