Achieving a work-life balance in teaching

To be completed by: Mon 30 Sep 2019

Time: -Mon 30 Sep 2019 | Venue:

This course will provide you with a range of techniques for understanding the importance of optimizing your work-life balance.

‘Work overload has been associated with aspects of burnout such as exhaustion and the coping mechanism of distancing oneself emotionally and cognitively.’ (Ofsted, July 2019)

You will assess your current work-life balance and identify both strengths and areas for development. Strategies to manage some of the most time-consuming aspects of teaching will be explored and practices that help you identify what is most important  to your personal and professional growth and how to direct your time and energy to achieve those goals will be shared.

Date: Thursday 14th November 2019

Trainer: Sharon Sadler

Venue: Leading Children Imagine LTD.

Time: 1-4pm

Cost: £65 + VAT per person


01274 710610


Published: 12/09/2019
Audience: NQTs - KS1 and KS2
Contact: Lydia Jacobs

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