Course - Educational Psychology -Precision Teaching Part 1 & 2

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Course - Educational Psychology -Precision Teaching Part 1 & 2 Intervention to Improve Outcomes - delivered by Educational Psychology team 0-25 Inclusive Education Service

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Educational Psychology


Precision Teaching Part 1 & 2 -

Intervention to Improve Outcomes

Description of Training

Do you have children in your class who struggle to retain basic skills and seem to 'lose' learning? This course will introduce you to the techniques of precision teaching which in turn allow you to measure small steps of progress and accelerate a child's learning. This will be a practical course, where you have the opportunity to develop a precision teaching plan that can then be implemented in school.  This will then be evaluated and refined in the second session.  By the end of the course you will have: Developed your understanding of the theory behind precision teaching; Learnt about the basic precision teaching model; Practised precision teaching; Developed a draft precision teaching plan to use in your school.

Refreshments provided mid-morning

Suitable For

SENCO / Inclusion Manager

Dates, Times and Venue

14.10.19 9.00am-12pm Part 1 – Margaret McMillan Tower

27.02.20 9.00am-12pm Part 2 – Margaret McMillan Tower






Published: 27/08/2019
Audience: SENCO / Inclusion Manager
Contact: Heather Varo

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