OBON Day 2019 - A Day of Pride & Unity Celebrations Friday 28 June 2019

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OBON Day 2019 - A Day of Pride & Unity Celebrations Friday 28 June 2019

“OBON DAY 2019” A Day of Pride & Unity Celebrations Friday 28th of June 2019.


Dear Colleague

One Britain One Nation (OBON) has launched the “OBON DAY 2019” campaign. A Day of Pride & Unity which is to be celebrated on Friday 28th of June 2019 with schools from across the county of West Yorkshire and beyond. The theme of the campaign as per the attached OBON campaign brochure encourages all schools to create a celebration as they see appropriate with a focus on instilling an element of Pride & Unity with a focus on promoting the shared values of British Citizenship as per the National Curriculum. www.onebritainonenation.com


OBON is holding a briefing session for the OBON DAY 2019 campaign which will take place in the Banqueting Suite, City Hall, Bradford from 12.30pm till 2.00pm on Thursday 9th of May 2019.


The briefing will give you an opportunity to:

·        To learn more about the OBON DAY and our plans to launch this day at a national level.

·         Meet and hear from teachers across West Yorkshire to share good practice in celebrating OBON DAY.

·         Collect your free OBON merchandise ie the small hand held flags & a Large OBON Flag.


We would like to encourage all schools to send a champion to this briefing session so that they can then help the school to facilitate the OBON DAY celebrations and also to collect your FREE OBON Merchandise.


Can we respectfully ask that those schools who intend to participate and celebrate the “OBON DAY 2019” to please make contact with Team OBON on the following email: info@onebritainonenation.com


Once again thank you for all your support in helping us to create a template for the OBON DAY celebrations which we soon intend to roll out across the nation.


Kind regards


Kash Singh

Chief Executive & Founder of

One Britain One Nation (OBON)


Twitter: @1Britain1Nation


Published: 10/04/2019
Audience: ALL
Contact: Kash Singh

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