National Joint Council Pay Award – April 2019 – Maintained Schools

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Important information relating to National Joint Council Pay Award for 2019-20 for all maintained schools in Bradford

Please find links below to the following documents in relation to the National Joint Council pay award for April 2019:


This year’s pay award has been particularly complex due to the nature and scope of the changes to the nationally agreed pay spines. These changes mean that employees will have to be aligned to the nationally agreed new spinal column point (SCP).


Bradford Council has decided to take the following action to implement the nationally agreed pay spines:

  1. Align the employee to the new equivalent SCP
  2. Where an employee is due an increment, this will be applied after the employee has been aligned to the equivalent SCP.


The NJC agreement has been applied to our existing pay and grading structure, without making any other changes at this time. There will need to be a further review of the pay and grading structure in due course.


Any grades outside of the nationally agreed pay spines and the locally agreed pay and grading structure will have a 2% increase applied to them from April 2019.


Please note:

  • For maintained schools that use the Council’s Payroll Service, the pay award will be implemented in April’s salary payment
  • For maintained schools that use an alternative payroll provider, you will need liaise with your provider to implement the mandatory changes from April 2019
  • For academies and voluntary-aided schools that use the Council’s Payroll Service, separate communications will be sent to nominated contacts


Should you have any queries, please contact your HR provider in the first instance.


Published: 11/02/2019
Audience: ALL
Contact: Rhiannon Howden

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