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Evidencing the Development of Greater Depth Thinking in Mathematics by using the Outdoor Environment - 5 March, 7 May, 18 June

Do you want to know more about it what it means for children to be working at Greater Depth? Do you want to develop greater depth thinking in your children who grasp concepts rapidly in maths? Do you want to know how to use technology to evidence this development?

This course, delivered over 3 afternoons and aimed at Primary Mathematics Subject Leaders, will:  

  • explore how to create rich and sophisticated problems in the form of open-ended challenges in the outdoor environment, that use a variety of maths at the same time and involve interconnections;  
  • show you how to record the children’s findings using a range of technology, including Annotable and Explain Everything;  
  • give ideas on how to ensure your children are able to present their findings clearly, being aware of the audience they are presenting to.  

Session 1 (Tue 5 March) will involve us looking at what it means to be working at Greater Depth in mathematics. You will be skilled in the technological aspects that will be required in order to record and present findings. We will take part in solving an outdoor mathematical problem. 

Gap task 1: You will follow-up at school by trying the problem out with children. 

Session 2 (Tue 7 May) will look at how to plan rich and sophisticated mathematical tasks and time will be given for you to plan some, aiming them at your own children. You will also be given tips on how to teach children to present well, using technology. 

Gap task 2: You will do the planned task(s) with your children and they will create a presentation to show at session 3. 

Session 3 (Tue 18 June) will involve you coming with a small representative group of children who will feed back to the other children and delegates who have been on the course.  

The sessions will be jointly delivered by Tim Bleazard of the Curriculum Innovation Service and Sharon Day of Sharon Day Maths Ltd from 1:30pm until 3:30pm (please arrive 10 minutes before the time stated, if possible, to allow for a prompt start at 1:30pm) and will be hosted at the Innovation Centre Bradford.

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The cost for all three sessions is £200.

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Published: 25/01/2019
Audience: Primary Mathematics Subject Leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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