Pregnancy and maternity support for school leaders

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Exceed Teaching Schools submitted a successful application for the Leadership Equality & Diversity Fund to support female high potential teachers/aspiring leaders and current school leaders during their pregnancy and their maternity leave. We wish to make this available to your school staff.

The application proposed facilitating two conferences which will combine employment and well-being support to participants either during their pregnancy or before they return to work following their maternity leave. We plan on these events supporting female school leaders to return to a leadership role or continue their progress towards such a position. The support will priortise those already in a leadership position.
If you have staff that would like to access either of these events, we're keen to hear from you or them in order to inform our planning.


To help me start planning these events, for the staff that will definitely either go on or return from maternity leave in the period up to Christmas 2019, could you tell me (approximately):
    • When your aspiring leader(s) and/or school leader(s) are likely to go on maternity (month and year)
    • and/or
    • When your aspiring leaders(s) and/or school leader(s) are likely to return from maternity (month and year)

Given the sensitive nature of this information, and in accordance with GDPR, please will you speak to individuals to seek their consent to share this information with me before responding. A specific consent form is not required but they must be made aware before any pregnancy details are shared with me. Please also be mindful of use of email and only reply to me, although I do not need names of individuals at this stage. 
e.g. Assistant Headteacher: currently on maternity leave but expected to return April 2019. New to English TLR Lead: maternity from Dec 2018 and return Dec 2019.

Please email this information to by Friday 9th November.

Next steps
I’ll use this information to schedule the events at the most beneficial time. Once I have this, I’ll provide more detail to potential participants. Each event will need to take place before June/July 2019 but places will be limited. Providing this information now does not guarantee a place at either conference.
Thank you in advance.


Published: 01/11/2018
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Aspiring Leaders
Contact: Paul Butler

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