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To be completed by: Fri 25 May 2018

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As May 25th approaches we are making sure that the data we collect and store in order to undertake our role as the Appropriate Body for NQT Induction is compatible with GDPR regulations. As a consequence of this we will not be storing historic records for longer than six years.

Until now we have been able, by exception, to store them indefinitely.

Every year we receive requests from schools asking to help trace records from years ago for teachers who have undertaken induction but whose Teaching Regulation Agency (formerly NCTL or GTC) records are showing as "induction not yet completed" or even in some cases "induction not yet started".

We have in the past been able to trace records back as far as 2001 in order to resolve this. This will prove to be much harder once records are deleted after six years.

I am writing to urge all schools to spend some time checking all current staff records on the TRA database (Employer Access database) are showing induction as a pass, or in the cases of NQTs "in process".

Do not assume that if you checked it in October that it is still correct. We have had cases where the system has glitched and records appear to have changed!

All staff should also, for peace of mind, be encouraged to use the Teacher Self Service Portal in order to download their induction pass certificate - they will need their Teacher Reference Number and date of birth in order to do this.

NQTs each receive an email urging them to do this once they pass, but other more established staff may not yet have done this.

With this certificate, any glitches can be easily proved and the database reset.

Our spreadsheets of registrations and passes and any hard copy assessment forms prior to 2012/2013 will soon be deleted and we urge all schools to pass this message on to all staff so that they can ensure their own records are accurate and secure.

Other information about GDPR will be published in the near future and can also be found on the BSO NQT GDPR page which is currently under construction.

Thank you for your patience whilst we deal with this important change to data retention and collection.


Published: 15/05/2018
Audience: Headteachers, NQT induction coordinators, HR and personnel staff
Contact: Michael Garside

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