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To be completed by: Fri 04 May 2018

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We are delighted to launch the opportunity for Bradford families to have their favourite recipe's published in the Bradford Family Cook Book. Entry deadline is the 8th June, details follow here. Great way for families to engage in literacy at home. Please promote to your families. Bradford Stories.

There are 50 recipe pages up for grabs in the book and we have tried to keep the entry process as simple as possible. You will know well the prompts different families may need to engage with something like this so feel free to pitch how you think works.

From a literacy development perspective you’ve got the activity itself of talking about and recording your recipe and through publication of the book they can have a copy of something they have contributed to and be proud of. I hope you will find it useful to engage with parents.

Does your family have a special recipe, or a dish that’s been passed down through generations? Share your family’s favourite recipe and it could be published in the Bradford Family Cookbook.

Submit your dish with:

  • Ingredients and cooking method 
  • Why the recipe is special to your family (1-2 sentences) 
  • A good quality photo of the dish (from a phone is fine)
  • Recipes will be judged and 50 will be included in the cookbook, which will be published later this year. 

Entries should be sent to or sent in the post to: Bradford Family Cookbook, National Literacy Trust, 68 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RL. 

The deadline is Friday 8 June 2018.


Published: 04/05/2018
Audience: PIW's, Literacy Leads, Community Development
Contact: Imran Hafeez

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