Old style (round) pound coins – no longer accepted after 15th October 2017

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The old style pound coins which were introduced in March of this year, will be completely withdrawn from circulation on 15th October 2017. After this date, the council’s cash and security team will no longer accept the old style coins.

If your service accepts cash as a method of payment, you need to prepare for the change as follows:

  • Let students and parents / guardians know that you will not accept the old style coins after 15th October
  • Make sure all your staff know about the change
  • In the run up to 15th October, bank all old style £1 coins at the earliest opportunity
  • Do not give old style £1 coins to your customers as change unless unavoidable
  • Check your safes & cashboxes and spend or swap old style £1 coins for the new style coins (note – please don’t send old style £1 coins to the cash and security office asking for new style replacements).


After 15th October you must not accept old style £1 coins from students or parents / guardians.

Any old style coins can be exchanged at various banks after 15th October, but this is likely to be a temporary option only.


Published: 26/09/2017
Audience: All
Contact: Andrew Illingworth

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