Important Message Regarding Free School Meals

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We would again like to stress the importance of only giving children a free meal if they are showing on your BSO list.

The list on BSO is the only information you should be using and you should not be taking information from CTFs.

At the beginning of the term, you should be checking your full list thoroughly and amending your record accordingly as there have been a lot of changes over the summer.  You can then update your records weekly with any additions or deletions.  It is good practice to check your full list at the start of each term in case any data has been missed.  This avoids parents ending up with large meal debts.

If there are any children not showing on your list who you think should be receiving a free meal, please encourage their parents to submit an application form.  If they are able to do this online, they will get an immediate answer to whether they qualify.

Also if you have children showing on your list who are not attending your school, please let us know as soon as possible, so they cane be removed.

If you have any further queries regarding Free School Meals or the Free School Meal information on BSO, please contact the team on 01274 434477 or by email at:





Published: 25/08/2017
Audience: Head Teachers, School Business Managers, Free School Meal Administrators
Contact: Jonathan Smith

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