Course - A Practical Guide to Managing a Crisis -06.04.17-09.00am -3.30pm

To be completed by: Sun 19 Mar 2017

Time: -Sun 19 Mar 2017 | Venue:

Last chance to book onto this course is 30.03.17. This course is run by Bradford Behaviour Specialist Teaching Team.

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A Practical Guide to Managing a Crisis

Description of training

The classroom can be a challenging place for both pupils and staff. This course looks at a graduated response to anxieties in the classroom that lead to challenging behaviour. It will provide a range of practical strategies drawn from the range guidance for Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. It will support staff to develop strategies to manage the anxieties, escalations and crises that can evolve from unmet learning needs. It will include an update on guidance about care and control plans with exemplar documentation to support risk assessment and reporting an incident.


Refreshments are included. Lunch is provided plus drinks on arrival, mid-morning and with lunch.


Tutors: Sara Burgess and Anna Robinson

Suitable for

TAs, HLTAs, Mentors, Teachers, SENCOs, SLT


Date/s, times & venue

All day

06.04.17 – 09.00am to 3.30pm – Margaret McMillan Tower



£110 per person




Published: 17/03/2017
Audience: TAs, HLTAs, Mentors, Teachers, SENCOs, SLT
Contact: Lynda Hitchen

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