Using technology to raise attainment in Maths at KS2 - Tuesday 11 October

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This will be a hands on course delivered at the Innovation Centre Bradford by Tim Bleazard. During the session we explore the apps, software, web sites and devices that enable us to use technology purposefully in Maths using number, fractions, geometry, measurement and statistics.

We will explore how children can record their working using concrete and abstract methods thereby using digital devices to support the concrete apparatus and written methods used by schools.

We will show ways children can explain, annotate and explore methods of calculation to support mastery. The emphasis here will be a narrow range of apps and software that staff can really get to grips with using effectively throughout the Maths curriculum. We will explore the ways we can create and share videos demonstrating calculation policies through QR codes and ways we can comment upon digital content produced by children and make sure they are accessible through book scrutiny. There will be time to explore a range of apps and web sites to support the Singapore Maths methods that are being adopted by many schools.

Mobile devices will allow us to get out of the classroom, explore Maths around us and share findings with peers. We will use apps to take images, and analyse their mathematical properties through annotations and audio recordings. We will also use free quiz building sites for summative and formative assessment.

Most of the software used will be available on iPads, Windows computers, Macs and Chromebooks. This means the course content will be relevant to everyone regardless of the technology you have in school. The course is accessible for teachers who may not be as experienced with technology as well as more experienced users.

The cost of the course is £150 per delegate (£125 for Curriculum Innovation subscribers).  To book your place please click here.


Published: 26/09/2016
Audience: Primary school Maths coordinators
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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