Awareness event on Child Sexual Exploitation for parents in BD3

To be completed by: Thu 22 Sep 2016

Time: -Thu 22 Sep 2016 | Venue:

Empowering Minds Consultancy have put together an event to raise awareness on Child Sexual Exploitation for Eastern European and South Asian Mothers and Fathers within the BD3 area. We are looking at the event to be held in November, date and venue to be confirmed time would be 12-4pm.

The event will be supported with Translators so parents who do not speak very good English understand the messages being delivered.

This event has come, as Parents from the Eastern European and South Asian community educated or not educated are expressing concerns that they do not understand what Child Sexual Exploitation is.

This event has been designed with clear thought and sensitivity to educate, to bring together Eastern European and South Asian Mothers and fathers separately to educate, raise awareness on CSE and not have come across the word Child Sexual Exploitation.

Throughout the day workshops will be delivered by specialist services:

·         Understand Child Sexual Exploitation

·         Appropriate and inappropriate behaviour

·         Understand the importance of reporting and how to report.

·         Confidence in safeguarding your children.

The mothers Conference will be held at Womenzone and the Fathers potentially at LLA- Laisterdyke Leadership Academy, as some Mothers and Fathers may not feel comfortable talking about a taboo subject in front of each other.

Workshops will be delivered in English with a translator on site to translate where required, encouraging Mothers/ Fathers to feel confident in speaking about a subject that they may not have any knowledge on, build confidence in reporting CSE and not being afraid to address the subject. Parents will be provided with information packs for further reading.

Empowering Minds would like to work in partnership with you all to facilitate and deliver workshops. Please let me know what you are able to support with.


Published: 22/09/2016
Audience: Headteachers, school staff
Contact: Sofia Mahmood

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