One Britain One Nation - Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

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One Britain One Nation OBON wants to create a celebration for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday as an event which is inclusive of all and truly binds the people our nation together to create a sense of national unity and pride, where everyone feels a strong and shared sense of belonging to our nation.

OBON wants to create a spirit of togetherness which will demonstrate a symbol of a united, inclusive country which will represent a magnificent force for a positive change that will capture the imagination of the nation. These celebrations will see the people of our nation standing together in solidarity, inspiring each other as one people whilst showcasing their love, pride and passion for this great nation and leave a mark of our international standing as a tolerant, welcoming, vibrant and exciting nation.

On the morning of  Friday 10 June 2016 it is proposed that there will be a gathering in the city square of every city in the country. Here there will be entertainment to create a civic royal reception theme that entertains the gathering crowd consisting of all communities.

At 11am prompt, all the people who have gathered in the city square will join in to sing the national anthem, God Save the Queen and then fly the flag on a flagpole in the city square. All shoppers, businesses, people working in the city and children from local schools will be encouraged to form part of this crowd together with invited dignitaries.

At 11am prompt on this day all schools in each county will gather in the grounds of their respective schools and sing the national anthem, God Save the Queen whilst waving the hand held flags supplied by OBON.

OBON feels it is crucial and vital to engage all schools in this celebration as those children are the future of our nation.

The pledge being instigated by OBON for the nation is very simple to implement and has little cost implication, however the positive impact these celebrations are to have throughout the country is likely to be very significant and will create a memorable occasion for all those involved.

These celebrations will most certainly attract huge media attention at a local, national and international level.

Bradford & District Schools can get involved in the following ways:

  • Art Competition to produce banners themed around OBON and the Queen’s 90th Birthday
  • Song writing competition for both primary and secondary schools reflecting on the right of the Queen/One Britain ethos.
  • Schools to sing Happy Birthday at 11.00 am on the morning either in the school playground decorated with banners, bunting etc, or
  • Come to the City Centre to sing collectively with other schools
  • A Brass band will be marching
  • Centenary Square will be decorated with winning banners
  • Winning song performed on the day

Any schools which may be closed for holiday on this day can still get involved by sending in clips of their pupils singing Happy Birthday.

If you wish your school to be involved in this prestigious event then please complete the application form online here and further details will be sent of how you can be part of this magnificent event.


Published: 10/02/2016
Audience: All
Contact: Debbie Bellwood

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