Interfaith Milad Dinner To Help Build Bridges Hailed A Success

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An organisation set up to promote a new generation of leadership in Britain's Muslim comunity arranged an interfaith dinner hosted by The Holy Family Catholic School.

A prestigious Interfaith Milad Dinner took place at the Holy Family Catholic School attended by over 150 guests from different communities, relgious beliefs and backgrounds in a bid to promote integration and co mmunity cohesion in Keighley. 

The Professional Muslim Institute(PMI), an organisation set up to promote a new generation of leadership in Britain's Muslim community, orgranised the dinner with support from the local business community. 

A message of importance of peace and integration was delivered by Imam Qari Asim MBE(Leeds Makkah Mosque) and Father Paul Hypher(Diocese of Leeds) and was attended by parents, students, faith, civic and political leaders as well as local businesses.

The Policy Exchange claims that Keighley is among the 10 least integrated places in England and Wales. 

PMI founder Javed Bashir said it was important for such unifying events to be held at a time when the "voices of hate" are growing louder and bolder.

"This will hopefully build bridges between communities," he added.

'The management, staff and students of The Holy Family Catholic School have been fantastic in helping to organise the dinner and without their support it would not have been possible' said Mr Bashir.

The event was televised around the globe with a number of international media and press including the GEO News, The Jang, The Daily Ausaf and various other papers.



Published: 02/02/2016
Audience: All
Contact: Javed Bashir

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