Teachmeet Thornbury - Sharing Success on Tuesday 8 December

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The Curriculum Innovation team is working with Thornbury Primary School to host Teachmeet – Sharing Success on Tuesday, 8 December - 4:00pm – 6:00pm at Thornbury Primary School.

This is an opportunity for all staff working in schools across Bradford to share the great learning and teaching going on in their schools.

A Teachmeet is an informal event where people share ideas, resources, examples of work or any other aspect of school life they have found effective in improving learning outcomes for pupils.

Some Teachmeets focus on a curriculum area or effective use of technology but this Teachmeet is purely focused on sharing what is working well at your school.

For example, it could be Maths, English, Science, Technology, tracking progress, improving parental engagement, narrowing the gap, Pupil Premium, improving attendance, effective marking systems, curriculum planning, assessment, etc.

A Teachmeet is only as good as its audience so please come along and help make this Teachmeet a success and be inspired by what your colleagues are doing across Bradford. You can participate in several ways.

Lurker: Just sign up and be part of an enthusiastic audience supporting the presenters.

Nano presenter: Present for 3 minutes (with or without the use of technology)

Micro presenter: Present for 7 minutes (with or without the use of technology)

To book your place to present or lurk please click here


Published: 17/11/2015
Audience: All Primary School staff
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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