Teachers and parents urged to help make Bradford smokefree

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A new campaign to protect children from the health harms caused by tobacco and inspire them to grow up in a smokefree environment is being launched across the district.

It’s part of a Yorkshire and Humber initiative, supported by Bradford Council, which is urging people and organisations to make up and support Breathe 2025.

People can make their pledges at www.Breathe2025.org.uk.

This could be pledging to watch and share the Breathe 2025 video, or promising to display a Breathe 2025 poster.  There are a range of simple actions to choose from, as individuals or on behalf of an organisation such as a school, GP practice or local business.

While the region has the highest adult smoking prevalence in England (20.1% compared to an England average of 18%), only one in eight 15-year-olds smoke and the proportion of young smokers is dropping.  Within the next decade there could be a generation of children that don’t smoke.  

The campaign is being run by a collaboration of partners across Yorkshire and the Humber, including Bradford Council and Public Health England. 


Published: 12/11/2015
Audience: Secondary schools, healthy living teaching staff, parents
Contact: Thomas Atcheson

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