FFT Aspire will be updated this week

The update will be available from 9am this Thursday and will include important changes including new Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 2015 results data becoming available.

Where can I view this data?

  • Self-Evaluation dashboards - All Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Self-evaluation dashboards (including PDF Governor Dashboards) will be updated to include the latest 2015 data.  This will provide schools with the latest attainment and progress (value added) data allowing results to be analysed against national indicators.
  • Target-setting dashboards - Schools that have imported new Year 3 or Year 7 pupils will also be able to view Key Stage 2 benchmark estimates (using FFT’s new bands) and KS4 benchmark estimates (using both A*-G and new 9-1 estimates) respectively for individual pupils, pupil groups and subjects.

Other changes

  • A new toggle has been introduced on school-level target-setting dashboards allowing schools to switch between two pupil data views – ‘All pupils included in the last school census’ or ‘those based on school settings’ (e.g. pupils imported by the school and/or pupils assigned to specific subjects).
  • Following feedback last year, FFT have replaced the term ‘Achievement’ with ‘Progress’ on Self-evaluation reports.
  • FFT has changed the size of the pupil groups/subjects included in the higher/lower performing section of the Self Evaluation Overview report.  These have been changed to:
    • Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 – only groups of 5 or more pupils are included;
    • Key Stage 4 – only groups/subjects of 10 or more pupils are included;
    • LAs / Academy chains – only groups/subjects of 25 or more pupils are included.
  • The ‘no significance’ colouring used for rankings has been changed from pink to grey.
  • The Administration site home page has had a refresh.
  • Primary only - Following feedback from schools during the “Life after Levels” conferences, FFT has taken the opportunity to make some small changes to their target-setting benchmark models.  This will slightly amend the Key Stage 2 benchmark bands and probabilities for some pupils but will have little impact on overall school-level estimates. The move to the new Key Stage 2 bands is obviously a significant development for schools.  FFT will continue to talk to schools and LAs about the use of bands and will review their use throughout the year.

In order to carry out the updates, the site will be unavailable from 17:00 on Wednesday 7 October until 09:00 on Thursday 8 October.


Published: 07/10/2015
Audience: All Headteachers, Senior Leadership Team and Data Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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