NQT registrations and other statutory documents

All schools using CBMDC as the Appropriate Body for their NQT induction are asked to check that the required paperwork is now accurately completed and submitted.

NQT AB forms and Register

The attached document shows a list of all schools and indicates whether we have received the Appropriate Body agreement form for 2015-16. It also states the number of NQTs currently registered by each school.Some schools have not been in touch at all about induction and others are known to have NQTs (either registered or simply from conversations with other colleagues) but have not submitted Appropriate Body agreement forms or, in a few cases, registration forms.

Please check the information very carefully for your school and, where necessary, action the submission of any missing forms. The form templates can be found on BSO NQT Resources page

This must be done by Monday 5 October 2015. After this date late submissions may result in NQTs' induction being delayed.

If there are any problems with the information on the document, please contact us on 01274 385981 or NQTinduction@bradford.gov.uk

This information is accurate to the beginning of 30 September 2015.


Published: 30/09/2015
Audience: Headteachers, NQT co-ordinators and NQT mentors
Contact: Michael Garside

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