Eid ul-Adha 2015

It was announced in Saudi Arabia that Hajj this year will fall on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 and therefore Eid ul-Adha will be celebrated on Thursday 24th September. This year communities in the UK along with Saudi Arabia and many other countries will celebrate Eid on the same day.

Schools need to speak with parents and their local Muslim community to determine which day they are likely to be celebrating Eid in advance of these days in order to base their decision as to how best to manage such requests. Occasional days will provide schools some flexibility to allow children time off for Eid without loss to education entitlement or affecting the schools' levels of attendance.

Where this is not practical for the school, parents are allowed to seek permission for their children to have up to three days authorised absence for religious and cultural needs in an academic year. Schools therefore have discretion to allow time off for Eid regardless of which day families choose to celebrate Eid.

Under Teachers’ conditions of service, staff are allowed up to three days for religious or cultural observance in an academic year and schools will have the discretion and flexibility to allow staff time off to celebrate Eid on whichever day it will fall for them. The local authority also recommends that staff employed by school governing bodies on term-time only contracts are afforded the same opportunity.

For more information please see Guidance for Schools on Eid Ul-Adha and Hajj 2015


Published: 21/09/2015
Audience: Schools
Contact: Alina Khan

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