Early Years Pupil Premium - Autumn claim

As several schools were having trouble locating the summer term claim, the spreadsheets indicating which children were eligable last term have been resent.

The person registered on BSO in your school should have received an email elert with a link.  

Early Years Pupil Premium - AUTUMN CLAIM

We are now entering the second term of the Early Years Pupil Premium.  This term is critical in terms of the number of children we can identify as eligible, since it is this term's numbers which the DfE will use to calculate Bradford's future EYPP funding allocation.


As previously advised, the documents relating to Early Years Pupil Premium for schools in the maintained sector can be found on the Finance Section of BSO or by clicking this link https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Secure/CMSPage.aspx?mid=1904

The documents included in this section are:

  • Presentation made to the School Business Managers
  • EYPP Guidance
  • Parental Form
  • Eligibility Data Collection Spreadsheet
  • EYPP Poster

They can be found in the third paragraph under Early Years Pupil Premium below the email address in blue.


 In order to claim the EYPP you need to complete the following steps:
  • Display the EYPP poster to explain the funding to parents.
  • Give the parents of all NEW nursery-only children an EARLY YEARS PUPIL PREMIUM - VOLUNTARY REGISTRATION FORM (Parental Form on the link above) to complete to gather the information to check their eligibility.
  • Add new children/parent details onto last term's spreadsheet which was sent to your registered BSO User via the secure BSO Postbox in June.
  • Enter a leaving date for any children who have left the school or moved into Rececption (4 year olds in Reception rather than nursery are entitled to the full school Pupil Premium if eligible not EYPP, however if the 4 year old is still in nursery then they remain entitled to EYPP).
  • Leave all the details of any children who are still in nursery - children's eligibility is only checked once a year, they are rechecked in their 4th term in nursery but there is no need for schools to recheck any details with parents as obviously their NI Number and Date of Birth will not have changed (unless you are aware of any surname change), we will check them automatically.

Uploaded, completed forms will then be securely downloaded by Early Childhood Services and sent to the national checker to establish the eligibility of each child entered.  Your registered BSO User will then receive an alert saying your checked submission with details of eligible children and the funding you will be receiving is avaible to view securely on BSO.


The deadline for submission of the information is 8 October in line with Census since payments will be made in line with the usual Early Education adjustment payments.  Significant leeway was given to schools last term beyond the original deadline as it was the first time everyone had been asked to gather this information.  Unfortunately this will not be possible this term as we need to provide this information to the DfE shortly afer the deadline.  SO PLEASE ENSURE YOU RETURN YOUR SUBMISSION BY 8 OCTOBER TO SECURE YOUR FUNDING.

In the interests of Data Protection please do not return these forms by any other method. This is the only process by which funding will be made for schools - please do not use the Free School Meals Checker or the 2 Year Old Checker for this purpose as this will not trigger a payment and the eligibility criteria for the free early education for 2 year olds is not the same as that of Early Years Pupil Premium. Each checker is only to be used for the specific purpose. Last term a number of schools tried to return the completed parental forms to the Free Schools Meals team - these forms should be retained in schools and nothing should be sent to the Free Schools Team as they are not linked to funding for the EYPP.


EYPP Marketing Posters

If any schools did not  collect any of the EYPP posters at the presentations in Spring or you would like additional copies, please contact Adele Baines stating how many you would like and they will be posted out.  The posters have also now been translated into Polish, Slovak and Urdu. If you are interested in receiving any of these translated posters, please once again contact Adele Baines. 

EYPP - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligibility does not mirror that of Free Early Education for 2 Year Olds, it does not include families in receipt of Working Tax Credit (WTC) with the exception of Working Tax Credit run-on (the payment someone receives for a further four weeks after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit) or children attracting Disability Living Allowance, with an Education, Health and Care Plan or statement of special education needs.  WTC eligibility of 2 year olds is approximately double that of out-of-work benefits in the Bradford District, which explains the concern of many schools/providers who think their EYPP eligibility is low.
  • Please do not use the 2Y checker on our website or contact our FSM (Free School Meals) Team to establish your children’s eligibility as this will give you a false number.  Only the ECS checker from the Department for Education can be used to do this and unfortunately only by Local Authority staff.
  • You only need to obtain the parental information (one parent is sufficient but if you obtain both, please submite both) once and then we can check eligibility annually, unless a parent changes their surname.
  • Payment is made termly based on the number of hours a parent has agreed their child will attend Early Education and the number of weeks in a term, hence this term’s payment being £11.30 per child attending 15 hours per week.
  • Across schools and the private / voluntary / independent sectors 1,605 children were identified as eligible last term, however this is against a Department for Education estimated target of 2,500, i.e. 64%.   It is appreciated that in some cases parents are reluctant to give such personal information particularly as some feel it may adversely afect their benefits, but we need to convince  parents that this is in no way linked to benefits and it very important for their child's education.  If in doubt please refer them to the Data Protection paragraph on the reverse of the Parental Form.
  • It is crucial every school is able to obtain this information to we can identify as many eligible children as possible since from this month onwards under the new guidance, Ofsted will be including Early Years Pupil Premium in their inspections.

         Section 186 states:    "Inspectors will consider how effectively leaders use additional funding, including the early years Pupil Premium where applicable, and measure its impact on narrowing gaps in children’s outcomes."


If you have any further questions regarding EYPP, please don’t hesitate to contact Adele Baines




Published: 21/09/2015
Audience: School Business Managers / Bursars of Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with Nursery Classes
Contact: Adele Baines

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