Making the best use of Teaching Assistants: EEF project for Bradford school

We’re now seeking to engage 20 Bradford schools in exploring the practicalities of developing TA’s role. We welcome your school’s expression of interest in taking part in this project.

Exceed in Bradford Teaching School Alliance has been successful in bidding to become an advocate partner for the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). You’ll be familiar with the EEF as co-authors of the Sutton Trust Teaching and Learning Toolkit here which explored the impact and value for money of interventions. Our successful bid relates to this as it focuses on the developing the deployment and impact of Teaching Assistants. We envisage that this will be a high profile project considering some of the national messages about the use of TAs over the last year. The project seeks to explore the practical application research, and its limitations, to enhance teaching and learning.

The EEF published an analysis of a number of research reports to produces it latest document about TA’s, available here

There will be limited funding available to the initial 20 schools that participate to help cover the release of staff during the year. Please send Paul Butler, Head of Teaching School ( a brief email to register your school’s interest as soon as possible, no later than Wednesday 20 May 2015.

We’ll hold a full briefing in due course so that the project can get underway in September. Below is a brief summary of the provisional project and timeline:

  • Briefing event for 20 schools - Headteacher and Chair of Governors (July or September)
  • Two pairs of teacher and TA identified per school to explore implementing the research (two pairs so that there is peer support in the school to discuss progress and approaches adopted)
  • Simple audit of TA’s deployment and baseline assessment of identified pupils (no retesting, based on existing teacher assessment data) (September)
  • Training and briefing event for teachers and TAs (September)
  • Action research to develop TA’s role (September-January)
  • Impact assessment (returning to the audit and pupil progress data) and central event to capture best / emerging practice and challenges (January-February).
  • Extend project to 60 further schools (February).
  • Each of the 20 original schools provide limited (telephone, visits, central training input) support to three schools each, enabling these colleagues from the original 20 schools to demonstrate engagement in school to school support and apply for Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) accreditation (February-June)
  • Action research (February-June)
  • Impact assessment (June-July).

Thank you in advance of your response.



Published: 12/05/2015
Audience: Headteachers and Senior Leaders
Contact: Paul Butler

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