Takeover Day 2014

Bradford’s takeover day aims to give young people a chance to experience working in a placement they are interested in. Young people and their adult colleagues will benefit from working together.

They will see the work they share through each others eyes, each offering unique insights. We hope this will engender inter-generational, collegial relationships and communication.

Young people have diverse needs, talents and abilities. We believe that this diversity enriches our society and should inform our services. We aim to celebrate this diversity by offering numerous take over day placement options. By offering placements in most of our services (from litter picking to local authority directors) we aim to give a clear message to all our young people. Whatever young people’s abilities, talents or interests they can all offer unique and valuable contributions to our communities.

If you can offer a placement at your workplace for a young person, or you are, or know of a young person who would like to take over a job role for a day, here is a great opportunity please contact Helen or Mick ASAP using the details below. 





Published: 21/10/2014
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Steve Hemming

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