Mental Health Champions Plus

Mental Health Champions Plus

What is MHC+?

MHC+ has been set up as an extension of the MHC project, and means that we can offer more tailored support to those who wish to opt in. It is for MHCs in schools that feel they are “mental health enhanced”; meaning that they are actively seeking to develop whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing (for example by accessing training on a range of interventions, or by signing up to the DfE Senior Mental Health Leads training).

How is being a MHC+ different to being an MHC?

As well as being able to access the support offered to MHCs, MHC+s also receive:

  • A termly training session on a particular topic, which are run during the second half of each term to alternate with the MHC update meetings. The next dates for these are:

    • Tuesday 15th March, 1-3pm (primarily for North and East schools)

    • Wednesday 16th March, 1-3pm (primarily for South and West schools)

    • The topic for Spring is most likely to be Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

    • Please book onto these sessions via Skills4Bradford

*meetings are organised by area to facilitate networking and peer support, but MHC+s can attend whichever suits them best. All to be delivered virtually via MS Teams until further notice

  • MHC+s are also required to complete a School-Based Emotional Wellbeing Audit to inform their Action Plan for whole-school work. Further information about this was shared at the Autumn term network meetings but is also available here: MHC+ audit - guidance [IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE EMAIL US AND WE WILL SEND THE DOCUMENT TO YOU!]. *Please note that, from February onwards, new starters will need to wait until Autumn 2022 to begin the audit/action planning process. However, they are welcome to join the MHC+ network and come to the termly training sessions in the meantime*. 

  • Supervision and support: An EP from the MHC+ team "links" with each MHC+ to support them in developing whole-school approaches to mental health and wellbeing. These discussions are informed by the School Based Emotional Wellbeing Audit completed by MHC+s during the first half of the school year (see above)


To register your interest in becoming a MHC+, to let us know of any changes affecting your school, or to discuss anything in more detail, please contact 

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