Fixed Period Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions: letter templates, forms and guidance

Fixed Period Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions: letter templates, forms and guidance

The Exclusion Team offer support and advice to Schools and Parents on School Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions and alternatives to these.

For advice and guidance on all pupil exclusion and suspension matters please contact the Exclusions Team at the email address or telephone numbers below:

Paul Jennings          Exclusions Officer               01274 432446

Samantha Griffiths   Exclusions Officer              01274 435239

Karen Roper            Senior Exclusions Officer   01274 439333


Statutory Exclusions Guidance

The latest guidance on exclusions (2017) may be downloaded here

Support in the Process

Exclusion Procedures should be followed in all cases - click here for the table. 

Annex A - Provides a helpful summary of the governing board's duties to review the head teacher's exclusion decision.

Annex B -  Provides a non-statutory guide for head teachers.

Annex C - Provides a guide for parents. 

Parents and head teachers can also seek advice from:  

  • Coram Children's Legal Centre 
  • ACE Education 
  • The school Exclusion Project

If your child has special educational needs or disability (SEND) you may wish to seek advice from:

  • Bradford SEND Information and Advice Support Service (SENDIASS)  01274 513300, or
  • National Autistic Society (NAS) School Exclusion Service (England) 0808 800 4002 or 
  • Independent Parental Special Education Advice


The templates and guidance below are to help with the exclusion processes of informing parents, governors or schools about an exclusion

Permanent Exclusions

Information Permanent Exclusion Leaflet for parents. Please include with the letter to parent.
Model Letter 4 Permanent exclusion letter to parent
Notification Forms Schools must use the forms below to notify the local authority, without delay, of a permanent exclusion for a pupil and send to the by secure Galexkey email. EX1 and EX3

Checklist for Head teachers to support decision making around exclusion from school

Checklist for Head teachers and Governors in managing the exclusion process

Pupil Witness statements pro-forma

Governor PDC Decision

Model letter 5

Model letter 6




PDC upholds head teacher decision letter to parent

PDC reinstatement decision letter to parent


Governor support

Editable model letter - invite to Governor suspension or permanent exclusion Meeting 

PDC Procedure

PDC Meeting considerations by governors

If the pupil does not live in Bradford Please inform the Exclusions Team as above and the pupils'

'home authority' about the exclusion as they have the duty to make arrangements for education from day 6. The list for exclusion contacts in those LA's bordering Bradford can be accessed here.

Withdrawal (rescinding) of a permanent exclusion decision

Head teachers can withdraw any permanent exclusion not reviewed by the Governing Board. In these cases, schools are required to send a copy of the withdrawn letter to parent and to the Exclusions Team and they MUST ensure their Information Management Team is made aware of this to ensure their system is updated with the withdrawn exclusion decision. 

Where there has been a permanent exclusion decision withdrawn and the criteria in Appendix A – A summary of the governor's boards duty to review the head teachers' decision to exclude - are met then a governor meeting MUST still be convened.  

School reporting to DfE

As well as reporting on day one of a permanent exclusion to the Exclusion Team the school is required to update their Information Management system with this exclusion. When a permanent exclusion has completed the process and if the pupil is then removed from the school roll they are required, at set points in the school year, to report these to the DfE on the Collect System. 



Suspension from school (formally known as Fixed Period Exclusions)

Guidance to Head teachers

Notifications to the local authority are required for any fixed term suspension that would mean the pupil would miss a public examination or national curriculum test via the ex1 form sent using Galexkey to the inbox. All other notifications will be collected from school data management systems.

Checklist for head teachers and governors to support decision making

Information Leaflet - Fixed period of suspension from school - information for parents. Please include with the letter to parent.
Model Letters

Letter 1 - Fixed-period suspension where the total number of days suspended from school is 5 days or less over the term, and where a public examination is NOT missed

Letter 2 - Fixed-period suspension where the total number of days suspended from school (including this exclusion) is more than 5 and up to and including 15 days in a term 

Letter 3 - Fixed-period suspension issued and with this occurrence the pupil now has a total of over 15 days of suspension in the term.

Support for pupils at risk of exclusion

Pastoral Support Programme Pro Forma

Guidance for Governors

PDC Procedure

PDC Meeting considerations by Governors

Considerations in suspension of exclusion by head teachers - Checklist for head teachers and governors to support decision making




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