Data Sharing Protocol for Locality Achievement Partnerships

Data Sharing Protocol for Locality Achievement Partnerships

Data Sharing Protocol (Revised 28 January 2012 to address data security concerns)

This protocol details the terms, as agreed with the listed educational establishments in the Bradford District, on how data will be shared between them and the Council.

The principles of this protocol  

1.       It is understood by all concerned that the analysis and evaluation of educational data is a central facet of improvement processes, and that the responsible sharing of data and information strengthens these processes and provides the basis of support for partnership working and added improvement capacity for educational establishments supporting each other.


2.       Data that can identify an individual educational establishment will only be shared within the Bradford educational community. The community is defined as all Bradford educational establishments funded from the public purse referred to as 'educational establishments': all officers within and Bradford MDC's Education Department, referred to as 'Officers'. Participating educational establishments are listed at the end of this protocol.


3.       Data that can identify an individual child will only be shared with the educational establishment the child is attending or is transferring to and, under the terms of the Data Protection Act, will only be shared with those officers who need the data to perform their professional duties. 


4.       Aggregated data from which it is not possible to identify individual educational establishments or pupils will be freely shared with all educational establishments and officers.


5.       The professional and legal requirements identified within this protocol require all data recipients to ensure the data they use, download, store or print is appropriately protected. This includes, where necessary, the encryption of data, its secure storage and disposal.


6.       To preserve and ensure the benefits of data sharing, educational establishments that exclude themselves from this protocol will not be given access to shared data.


7.       All legal and Governmental requirements supersede this protocol.

Professional values

8.       All recipients of data shared under this protocol, including Governors, are required to use it in a professional manner in particular to promote: 

a.      The opportunities of children

b.      Mutual support

c.      The improvement of outcomes for children and young adults


This protocol expressly excludes the use of shared data to: 

d.      Promote one educational establishment at the expense of another


9.       To ensure the effectiveness and usefulness of shared data, educational establishments and officers agree to maintain the accuracy of their own data to the best of their ability and to release it in a timely and agreed manner.


10.     Schools may need to give access to data covered by this protocol to 3rd parties, in particular to support school improvement initiatives. This is acceptable as long as (a) only 3rd party access is given and (b) the 3rd party is contractually required to observe the terms of this protocol.


Use of Data

11.     Exceptions to Principle 4 (above): The following items will be kept confidential to the educational establishment concerned and the educational establishments in the same Locality unless the head teacher (or equivalent) gives consent to do otherwise:

·     The Education Department's prioritisation levels of schools

·     Bespoke or commissioned analyses of an individual educational establishment’s data


12.    Officers will not publish data in the form of 'League Tables', but will instead order data to best serve the purpose of the users. For example data focusing on deprivation issues is likely to order educational establishments by an appropriate index of deprivation.

Information Management

13.    The Council is committed to providing web based functionality and sees this as its primary means of delivering its services. However, it will do this in a way sensitive to  the capacity of the nature of the educational establishments included in this protocol.


14.    The web based services will ensure:

·     all parties share and see the same data irrespective of the system they use

·     appropriate levels of security for the various types of electronic data are in place namely: 

Bradford Schools Online - for access by educational establishments, their Governors and equivalent

Access Level


What can they access?

Level 1

The Head teacher (or equivalent)and up to 2 other staff named by the Head teacher (or equivalent)

·         The educational establishment's Access Register which determines the access rights for all other school staff and Governors

·         Staff information

·         Pupil information

·         Establishment level information including shared information

Level 2

Staff who teach or who have direct responsibility for children and young adults

·         Pupil information

·         Establishment level information including shared information

Level 3

Governors and all other staff

·         Establishment level information including shared information

Open access


Advice and guidance

These categories are advisory only as the Headteacher has ultimate control of who can see what. In giving access, Headteachers must ensure they continue to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act. This is done by using the available Access Levels to restrict the data available to users to that which they need to fulfill their obligations. In most cases this will be Access Level 3.

EduNet - for Officers

15.     This is an intranet service available only to Education Department officers or by properly authorised officers using secure Citrix access from a remote location.


16.     Data shared with educational establishments is available through EduNet and comes from the same source to ensure everyone is seeing the same data all of the time. 

Breach of Protocols

17.     Breach of these protocols by any individual, group or organisation who has signed up to them will be referred to the Locality Achievement Partnership for appropriate sanctions to be invoked.


Educational establishments that have agreed to work within this protocol  

  • All Bradford LA nursery, primary, secondary and special schools
  • All Bradford Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)
  • All Academies within the area covered by Bradford Metropolitan District Council
  • All Bradford Children Centres
  • Free Schools
  • Studio Schools

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