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The latest guidance on exclusions (2012) may be downloaded here, and the Exclusion Procedures Table should be followed.

Decisions to exclude pupils from school are made by the Headteacher. There are three types of exclusion which require the completion of an Ex1.

Fixed Term

These are short-term exclusions and pupils are given a date for return to school.

Lunch time

Pupils whose behaviour is disruptive may be excluded for a fixed period of ½ day.


On day 1 of a permanent exclusion, schools must send a completed Ex1, copy of Headteacher letter and form Ex3 to Behaviour Support Service, Children's Services. Pupil Witness statements where possible should be obtained.

In the event of a permanent exclusion day 6 provision is organised by Children's Services.

Day 6 Provision - Children's Services Guidance

 For all excluded pupils, the laws states the Headteacher must write to parents straight away stating:

  • The type of exclusion imposed
  • The reason for the exclusion
  • When the pupil may return to school if it is a fixed term exclusion
  • How parents can appeal against the exclusion

Letter 1 - Fixed-period exclusion of less than 6 days, and where a public examination is NOT missed
Letter 2 - Fixed-period exclusion of 6 to 15 days, or where cumulative exclusions in the same term fall within this range
Letter 3 - Fixed-period exclusion of 16 or more days or where cumulative exclusions in the same term are 16 days or more
Letter 4 - Permanent exclusion letter to parent
Letter 5 - Notification of PDC decision upholding permanent exclusion

Letter 6 - Notification of PDC decision - re-instatement                
Enclosed with each letter should be a copy of the Guidance for Parents Leaflet.

Pupils with SEN

Pupils with SEN statement should not be permanently excluded in the first instance. School should make a fixed term exclusion and contact the SEN officer for an urgent review of the statement.

Useful Information

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