Message from The Educational Psychology Team

Educational Psychology Team Allocations 2014 - 15




A list of allocated link Educational Psychologists and the core EPT time available to each school for the academic year 2014 - 15 will be available soon on Bradford Schools Online.

If you have already booked additional purchased time from the EPT, a service level agreement will be sent out shortly, confirming the number of sessions purchased. Please sign and return this as soon as possible, including a purchase order number where necessary.

If you have not yet booked any additional time and wish to do so, please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee however that we will be able to fulfil these late requests until we make further appointments in the autumn term.

As you will see, we have had a number of changes in staffing this year due to promotions, retirements and the arrival of a number of babies. Wherever possible, we have tried to maintain continuity between school and EP, but you will appreciate that this has not always been possible.

Your allocated psychologist will make contact with you early in the autumn term to arrange an initial planning visit and to support you with any conversions to Education Health and Care plans that you may need to carry out next year.


Kind regards


Ruth Dennis and Linda Chavasse

Acting Principal Educational Psychologists


Published: 17/07/2014
Audience: All schools
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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