University of Bradford "Space Ambassador Scheme"

Training the next generation of post-16 Scientists...

The Space Ambassadors Scheme supports secondary schools who wish to inspire their feeder primary schools with science. The programme gives A Level Science students practical experience of working with primary school children and sharing their enthusiasm for science.

The programme will reinforce the links between your secondary school and its feeder primaries. It will support primary school teachers teaching science in different areas, generate high levels of interest and excitement in science in primary schools, and give 6th form pupils fantastic experience for their personal statements and job applications.

The training programme will equip enthusiastic 6th form students with the necessary skills to visit a local primary school and deliver hands-on space science using our online-telescope.

The training day will be from 10am to 3pm at the University of Bradford STEM Centre and is divided into the following sessions:
  • Introduction
    • Goals of the programme, basics of the online telescope
    • Hands on trial: Ordering and processing images of space using the Bradford Robotic Telescope
    • Online science activity
  • Teaching space in the classroom
    • Basics of teaching and addressing younger audiences
    • Code of conduct amongst pupils
    • Basic concepts in astronomy: planets, stars, galaxies
    • Breaking down science – group discussion in how to explain complex science topics
  • Schools visits
    • Primary schools Space Lessons: structure, timing and content
    • Space lesson group rehearsal
    • Discussion, plenary and self assessment
Ambassadors will be given all the support materials necessary for their lessons, with powerpoints and lesson plans provided. We will support ambassadors in getting in touch with a local primary school and arranging visits or can work with you to create a program to support your feeder school activity.

For more details about our space Ambassador Scheme please contact a member of the STEM team:

Phone: 01274 234813



Published: 09/05/2014
Audience: 6th form students, 6th form teachers, Science Departments,
Contact: Ed Hand

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