2014-15 FFT Subscription

All maintained schools in Bradford have been provided with an FFT subscription by Bradford Council for 2014-15.

Schools do not therefore need to purchase a subscription directly with the FFT.

Schools that have previously accessed FFT Live can continue to do so using the existing login details.  Schools that have never accessed FFT Live will need to obtain their username and password from the My Passwords section of Bradford Schools Online.

In the Autumn term FFT Live is being replaced by a brand new more advanced system called FFT Aspire.  Bradford Council has arranged for FFT to provide training on FFT Aspire at Future House on Wednesday 5th November 2014.  The session will also include a short refresher on the existing data tools that are currently available on Bradford Schools Online.

The session will be free of charge and further details will be provided on Bradford Schools Online shortly, including details of how to reserve your place.

A flyer is available containing more details of FFT Aspire.


Published: 08/05/2014
Audience: All Headteachers, Senior Management and Data Administrators
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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