Success@Arithmetic (Summer term) - 21 May 2014

Success@Arithmetic is a ‘light touch’ calculation-based intervention for learners in upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 who are at about National Curriculum Level 3C/3B and have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency. Application deadline is 6 May 2014.

Success@Arithmetic aims to build learners’ confidence in calculation.  Teaching Assistants help them to think and talk about their calculation methods and strategies. They adapt the activities so that the learners are challenged and can succeed.  In trials pupils in Years 4 to 6 gained 15 months in their number age during the 24 lessons. Schools will need to consider how they will ensure that teachers and Teaching Assistants have appropriate time to liaise and prepare and plan for the intervention.

Success@Arithmetic has been developed in collaboration with Every Child Counts schools. Success@Arithmetic was trialled with 60 pupils in Years 4 to 6 in 2013. They made an average Number Age gain of 13 months on a standardised test, after only 23 half-hour lessons in 3 months – about four times the expected rate of progress.

 You can get involved in Success@Arithmetic by booking a place for your Success@Arithmetic Teaching Assistant and Link Teacher on this course. Please contact your ECC Local Provider Sue Sutcliffe for more information.

Course is on 21 May 2014 at Future House

Please see flyer attached


Published: 10/04/2014
Audience: Experienced upper KS2 and KS3 Teachers and Teaching Assistants; Mathematics Subject leaders with Y5,
Contact: Susan Sutcliffe

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