Universal infant free school meals (UIFSM)

You are invited to submit a bid for UIFSM funding which is available to improve facilities to enable primary schools to deliver a meal to all children in Key Stage 1 from September 2014.

This process is for VA, VC, Foundation and Community schools. For Academies there will be a separate process direct with the EFA. For VA schools the funding allocation is separate to that for VC, Foundation and Community Schools however bids are being evaluated by the Local Authority alongside the Diocese.

The evaluation criteria for this process are:- current capacity and anticipated demand (50% weighting), attainment (25% weighting) and deprivation (25% weighting). A value for money assessment of each submission will also be undertaken. Your submissions will need to be submitted on the UIFSM Application Form - no later than Friday 28th March and should be emailed to Integratedhouse@bradford.gov.uk.  Submissions will then be evaluated and we are aiming to notify you of the decisions by Friday 11th April 2014. VA notifications will come directly from the relevant Diocese.

Current capacity compared to the potential demand

This will be assessed against the difference between current capacity and expected demand. The larger the gap then the higher the score. What is the current capacity of your kitchen, your dining area(s), seating, tables, cutlery, servery and what will the increase in demand be in September? You should seek advice from your catering provider (FM Catering can be contacted on 01274  431427) and review whether you have a non interlocked or non compliant extraction system; the status and ability of your cook-line to cope with the increase in meal numbers; the adequacy of kitchen space for equipment and staff; if you have a  Primary Choice kitchen could this be converted to a conventional on-site cooking kitchen?


Schools with Key Stage1 pupils with a lower attainment will score higher. This will be assessed using existing data.

Deprivation including health and wellbeing

This will be assessed using existing data for deprivation indicators and school information for the number of pupils currently receiving FSM. The higher the deprivation the higher the scoring.

Further information can be found at: http://www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/resources/fsm/free-school-meals-matter-toolkit.  An invaluable source of both inspiration and practical advice can found in the School Food Plan which can be found here: http://www.schoolfoodplan.com Further guidance can be found here . The UIFSM fund is only available to address Key Stage 1 provision (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils).  Any school with a need to provide Key Stage 1 provision in accordance with the government pledge would need to submit a bid via the email address above to access UIFSM funds in support of this compliance requirement.  It should be noted that there are not sufficient funds to fully upgrade all kitchen and dining facilities across the schools estate.     


Published: 14/03/2014
Audience: Primary School Heads and Business Managers
Contact: Richard Hudson

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