ECC Success@Arithmetic (Years 5, 6 and 7 booster intervention)

Exciting new course called ECC Success@Arithmetic - a light-touch calculation-based intervention.

Description of Course

Intended outcomes for learners:

Success@Arithmetic is a light-touch calculation-based intervention for groups of up to three learners who have moderate difficulties with calculation and are initially at about National Curriculum Level 3C or 3B. Success@Arithmetic helps pupils working at Level 3C or 3B to move towards Level 4.

Success@Arithmetic aims to build learners' confidence in calculation. Teaching Assistants help them to think and talk about their calculation methods and strategies. They adapt the activities so that the learners are challenged and can succeed.  In trials pupils in Years 4 to 6 gained 15 months in their number age during the 24 lessons.  Schools will need to consider how they will ensure that teachers and teaching assistants have appropriate time to liaise and prepare and plan for the intervention.

Intended outcomes for participants:

A high quality training programme for lead teachers and teaching assistants ensures that schools will achieve the maximum impact from Success@Arithmetic.  It helps participants to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how the intervention works
  • Understand how to deliver the 'Success@Arithmetic steps' to children who are struggling with calculation
  • Build up their understanding of calculation
  • Make the intervention sessions ‘come alive’ for learners
  • Liaise with the children's class teachers to secure their progress during and after the intervention.

For more information on this course please find attached our flyer.


Deadline for applications is on : Tuesday 6 May 2014


Published: 05/03/2014
Audience: Experienced Upper Key Stage 2 and 3, teachers and teaching assistants; mathematics subject leaders w
Contact: Susan Sutcliffe

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