Year 10 Choices Week 2014

In July the Bradford Confederation will be launching Year 10 Choices Week. This is a chance for Year 10 students to sample a variety of post 16 provision. Our FE colleges and other post 16 providers will be offering a variety of sessions, lasting between a couple of hours and a full day.


At the beginning of June Year 10 students will receive a list of all the sessions available and an invitation to sign up to a maximum of two sessions during the week. They then need to get an application form from school, which must be signed by a parent or carer and the school. The Local Authority will collate all the applications and send student lists to the providers.


Becoming a provider

Schools may also wish to offer taster sessions for their own post 16 provision as part of Year 10 Choices Week.

If your school would also like to offer sessions during the Year 10 Choices Week, please ask your CEIAG Lead or Head Teacher to contact Kathryn Loftus.


Briefing session for schools

If you are interested and want to find out more there will be a Briefing Session for Schools on the 12th March at 3pm at Future House aimed at School CEIAG Leads, Heads of Year 10, 11 or Post 16.If you would like to attend please contact Kathryn Loftus.  It is hoped that as many schools as possible will support their Year 10's in taking up the offer of taster sessions and use this opportunity to showcase the school Post 16 offer to other Bradford students.


Year 10 Choices week and Clashes with School’s Work Experience Week

We are aware that Year 10 Choices Week 2014 may coincide with some ‘work experience weeks’ that schools intend to offer.   We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but hope that Year 10 Choices is viewed as complementary activity intended to offer further opportunities for young people to find out about post 16 options available across the district.  Also, it may be a suitable alternative for those students not attending your schools organised Work Experience Week.


If a student is taking part in Year 10 Choices Week during their School Work Experience Week we request that your school’s Work Experience Coordinators log the student’s taster information via the ‘comments’ box on the Work Experience database. For further information relating to work experience please contact Catherine Helliwell.


Published: 17/02/2014
Audience: School CEIAG Leads, Heads of Year 10, 11 or Post 16
Contact: Kathryn Loftus

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