Spotlight Conference - Improving outcomes for all: The Thinking & the Doing

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Time: Tue 06 Dec 2022 09:00-12:15 | Venue: Margaret McMillan Tower

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Julian Elliot, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Durham, will speak about different conceptions of dyslexia and how these are impacting on differing policy and practice initiatives. The talk will help schools begin a discussion about how to equitably allocate resources amongst a group of students who have literacy based difficulties.

Nazam Hussain, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist, Bradford Council. He will speak about the popularity of growth mindset initiatives to demonstrate the challenges of implementing evidence informed practice. The talk will help schools to create classroom environments where certain learning dispositions are most likely to develop.

Amanda Waterman, Professor of Cognitive Development, University of Leeds and Mark Miller, Head of Bradford Research School, will speak about ten things to remember about working memory that all teachers should be aware of. The talk will help schools to apply universal principles which will support all learners but particularly those who have difficulties with learning.


In this half day 'face to face' conference you will have the opportunity to network with a range of educational professionals and listen to three sessions which will stimulate your thinking in terms of supporting learners with a variety of needs through universal practices. It is a conference suitable for newly qualified and experienced class teachers, members of the senior leadership team, special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinators and those who have an interest in evidence informed practice.


Published: 18/11/2022
Audience: Primary, Secondary, College, NQTs, Class Teachers, SENCo and Senior Leaders
Contact: Karen Bickerton

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