*OVERDUE* Data Sharing Agreement between Bradford Council and Schools

To be completed by: Mon 13 Dec 2021

Time: -Mon 13 Dec 2021 | Venue:

An updated Data Sharing Agreement between Bradford Council and Schools is now available, this supersedes the current agreement you have with us. We would be grateful if schools would sign and return the new agreement AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as the deadine of 9th December has now passed.

Following a review of the current Data Sharing Protocol Bradford Council has in place with Bradford schools, we have made some minor updates to ensure that the agreement is robust and fit for purpose, and is up to date with current technologies. 

Currently all maintained schools, academies and free schools have agreed to sign up to the existing data sharing protocol which is a fantastic achievement, and we would like this to continue with the updated Data Sharing Agreement so that Bradford Council can continue to support your school through the services it provides to the school, pupils and families.  Some of the services that rely on the sharing of data include the School Admissions Service, SEND and School Transport teams.

We would therefore be grateful if you would read through the updated Data Sharing Agreement, complete the details in section 1 (parties to this agreement) and return a scanned copy to IMTdatateam@bradford.gov.uk  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as the deadline of 9th December has now passed

If you have any queries regarding the updated Data Sharing Agreement, please contact Rebecca Troth on 01274 439648 or email IMTdatateam@bradford.gov.uk.


Published: 10/12/2021
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leaders
Contact: Sue Barrell

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