Transition advice for Yr 5 students with a Physical & Medical difficulty.

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Advice for all students with a Physical & Medical difficulty, with or without an EHCP

Secondary school Transition Guidance for Primary SENDCOs

Advice for all students with a Physical & Medical difficulty - with or without an EHCP

It is important that parents are able to make a fully informed choice about the secondary school they would like their child to attend in Y7.

For transition in Sept 22 this choice has to be made by Oct 21 and as such we recommend that parents who have children with Physical and Medical condition have the chance to visit or speak to secondary SENDCOs during the summer term that their child is in Y5.

It is important that the school choice is appropriate and can meet the needs of their child.

We have had incidences where schools have been allocated which have been less than appropriate.   A consequence of this could be a delay in starting school whilst a more appropriate setting is found and there are no guarantees that this would be a preferred school.



Published: 28/05/2021
Audience: Primary SENDCOs
Contact: Ann Gabriel

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