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To help students to understand the complexities of the current conflict between Israel and Palestine the Prevent Communications Team of the Home Office have collated the following resources. These are chosen to counter biassed narratives which can lead to anti-semitism or Islamophobia.


  • The Community Security Trust (CST) has published a number of resources on their social media feeds, including guidance on how to communicate about Israel in a non-antisemitic way. A host of other resources can be found on their website here: Educational Resources – CST – Protecting Our Jewish Community. CST also has a national emergency number which should be used to report antisemitic attacks, alongside calling 999: 0800 032 3263.
  • Solutions not Sides is a programme aiming to tackle antisemitism, Islamophobia, and polarisation around the issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict in the UK by promoting critical thinking and open discussions to encourage a solutions-focussed approach. The group have published a number of blogs on the current situation, as well as a teachers’ handbook and resources on fact-checking. Resources can be found here: SNS Resources on Israel-Palestine for Students & Teachers | SNS (
  • The Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine runs a ‘Tough Options’ programme for 14-19 year olds’, which looks at how difficult issues impact communities here in the UK. Their website has a number of useful resources, including information on how to engage with Tough Voices and their other programmes: FODIP | Forum for Discussion of Israel & Palestine
  • Tell Mama is a confidential support service for those suffering from Islamophobia across the UK. Their website features a number of different ways to report anti-Muslim hate or Islamophobia, including via phone or WhatsApp: Report in Anti-Muslim Hate or Islamophobia ( The site also hosts useful resources, including on mosque security.


Published: 18/05/2021
Audience: Secondary Headteachers, PSHE, History, Pastoral Leads
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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