Young Peacemakers- Call for Applications (8- 15 years old students)

To be completed by: Mon 22 Mar 2021

Time: -Mon 22 Mar 2021 | Venue:

This project is a 12-week Peace Education Programme aiming to inspire 8-15 yr olds to make a change in themselves, families, and communities and take local positive action.

Call for Applications:


Younge Peacemakers Project is seeking applications and referrals from schools for participants in our funded project:

The project will be offering a 10 weeks peace education program for young people (8-15 Years old), aiming to inspire and empower them with change-making and peacemaking skills to act and change themselves, families, communities, and take local positive action. The programme explores concepts such as peace, justice, equality, human rights, democracy, global citizenship, conflict-resolution and reconciliation, as well as the serious challenges of climate change, Black lives matter, poverty, refugee crises, war, colonialism, Islamophobia, terrorism, xenophobia, racism, violence against women, and bullying. Young people will attend 8 online sessions and 2 optional face-to-face socially distant outdoor sessions on weekends to join an interactive learning journey in leadership education.

Activities: Learning circles that would include role-playing simulation, learning games, filmmaking, creative writing, field trips, storytelling, theatre of the oppressed, and art crafts.

No. of Available Spaces: 15 Students. 

Fees: Free (Fully Funded).

Time: (Sat 27th March 2021- Sat 26th June 2021) at 10.00 am- 12.00 pm.

Applications Deadline: 22nd March 2021.


The programme is fully funded by Bradford for Everyone and supported by the University of Bradford, PeaceJam UK, Billion Acts of Peace, Peace Education Network, the Peace Society. 


For further information, details, referrals and Applications:




Published: 10/03/2021
Audience: Headteachers, Teachers, Youth Workers, and Parents.
Contact: Hussein Salahaldin

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