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Here is a communication from Ofsted regarding the release of an updated inspection data summary report (IDSR), affecting all schools.

Today we have re-released the inspection data summary report (IDSR) to allow schools access to the latest data. This release has been delayed from the autumn term. We have decided to release it now as we want to provide schools with access to the latest version, should you wish to review it. We understand the pressures schools are currently working under. There is no expectation for you to review this information at this time.


All performance-related data within the IDSR still relates to 2019. The Government announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020.


The following has been updated:

  • contextual information based on the January 2020 census including pupil movement information
  • exclusions data has been updated to the final release of 2018/19
  • three term absence data release of 2018/19 data (postponed from April 2020)
  • final retention, completion and attainment 2019 key stage 5 data (postponed from May 2020)
  • latest destinations (key stages 4 and 5) data
  • latest school workforce census data
  • latest Financial data.


Please ensure you download the latest version of your IDSR, which will have 22 January 2021 release date.


In addition to data updates, we have released some minor developments as a result of feedback and have published an updated HTML guidance document for the IDSR. This includes example reports, located here:




Should you have any IDSR or Ofsted IDSR service queries, please contact either:


Published: 22/01/2021
Audience: Data Managers, Data Officers, Office Managers, COO's, Business Managers
Contact: Pam Cresswell

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