Invitation to celebrate Bradford District's Shared Values

To be completed by: Wed 30 Sep 2020

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All organisations big and small, we want to gather your thoughts and celebrate Bradford District's Shared Values


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Bradford For Everyone cares about bringing people together, increasing opportunity and access and celebrating the great things about this District. Throughout 2019-20 we have been having conversations with people who live here about a set of shared values that are lived and celebrated by communities from all four corners of our District. The values are a source of real pride that run through everyday life and all aspects of living here.

We believe that by coming together and sharing stories about how these values are lived and demonstrated by people of every Bradford community, we can show how great the citizens of Bradford District are.

As a valued partner of the Bradford for Everyone movement we're pleased to give you an exclusive preview of the Bradford District Shared Values. Your thoughts are extremely important to us and we would like to find out more about you and explore how we can join together to amplify, celebrate and communicate these values throughout the District. We would love you to answer these questions which will take only a few minutes to complete – we really appreciate and value your input.  


The Bradford District Shared Values

  • We RESPECT ourselves, each other and our communities
  • We CARE for each other and treat each other with kindness
  • We SHARE ideas, resources, knowledge and skills as well as our challenges and opportunities
  • We PROTECT each other and the world we share so that everybody can be happy, healthy and safe

Click here to share your thoughts about how we celebrate Bradford District Shared Values

We'd love to chat more! If you would like to arrange a phone call to answer these questions rather than complete the form, please contact to arrange a time.

To find out more about the work of Bradford For Everyone and the Bradford District Shared Values campaign, please visit



Published: 08/09/2020
Audience: Teachers, Senior Leaders, Pastoral
Contact: Neena Punnu

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