COVID-19: Continuity of Free School Meal Provision

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In respect of all schools where FM are the catering provider, where the school is fully open FM will continue to provide a free school meal as usual.

Under circumstances where schools are closed or partially closed from an educational standpoint, but remain open to children, FM will maintain provision for free school meals by providing a packed lunch.

Any schools where FM are not the catering provider, who may experience difficulty in continuing to provide free school meals, should contact FM who will make arrangements to ensure such provision can be maintained.  

Further to this, under the Council's emergency feeding contingency plans, a packed lunch will be produced and supplied by Facilities Management from either the Laisterdyke central production unit, or from one of a number of “hub” school kitchens spread throughout the district from which FM will operate purely for the production of packed lunches.

The packed lunches will then be delivered to various locations throughout the district for distribution to eligible pupils from all schools across the whole authority. More details regarding the network of designated “hub” kitchens, distribution locations and arrangements will be provided in due course.

Facilities Management - SLA Charged In Respect of School Meals Provision Impacted By COVID-19 
The service will review the position in respect of the changing balance of costs & income etc. at the end of the academic year, (i.e. in September 2020), when it should be clearer what the impact has been and/or will be on-going, and make appropriate adjustment to charges (both actual for 19/20 & quoted for 20/21).

Please note that this will take account both any reduction in cost (which in reality will be mainly on food as staff will still be paid), and loss of cash income, to determine the overall impact on the net cost. 

It is also currently anticipated that the service will be continuing to provide, across the whole local authority wherever required, meals to the most vulnerable children (i.e. those in receipt of free school meals) and/or those that may require day care whether that be in a school setting or elsewhere. 


Published: 18/03/2020
Audience: All Head Teachers & School Business Managers
Contact: Paul Charity

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