Unlocking Potential in New Arrivals and Roma Children at Primary School

To be completed by: Fri 20 Mar 2020

Time: -Fri 20 Mar 2020 | Venue:

A course to help support primary teachers with New Arrivals, with a specific focus on Eastern European and Roma children (and their families) to unlock learning potential and engage with their fascinating history and culture.

Do you have New Arrivals, Eastern European or Roma children in your school? Would you like more ideas on how to engage them, how best to support their learning needs or how to prepare them for the mainstream curriculum? If yes, then this course is for you! 

Eastern European and Roma children have vast potential that is often missed due to family circumstances, language barriers or difficult home-school relationships. These children are bright, eager to learn and excited to be at school and we want to maximise that potential!

Led by Harriet Crossley, an experienced class teacher with over 10 years’ experience of teaching New to English children, and Juice Vamosi, a Roma activist and film maker, this course will provide an insight into life as a Roma or Eastern European learner and how we can provide the very best opportunities for them to be successful, confident and happy in school.

The aim of this course is to equip teachers and leaders with:

  • Knowledge about the history of Eastern European and Roma groups so that you can better understand the many barriers that they face.
  • Up-to-date and first-hand accounts of life as a Roma person in the UK; their fascinating cultures, the challenges of living in modern Britain and how we can support their families.
  • Information and real life examples of expectations, teaching sequences, topics and vocab that have helped our New Arrivals, Eastern European and Roma children.
  • The opportunity to speak to an experienced class teacher and a Roma activist who have both worked, very successfully, with the community for many years.

Date: 20th March 2020

Venue: Bowling Park Primary School, New Cross Street, West Bowling, BD5 8BT


  • 9am refreshments
  • 9.30am start
  • 3.00pm finish

Costs: £150 per person (reduced to £100 per person if booking more than one place per school). This includes refreshments and lunch.

How to book: Contact Harriet Crossley on harriet.crossley@bowlingpark.school or 01274 770270 for more information and to book a place.

About us: As a large three-form primary school in BD5, we are proud to serve a great wealth of children from different backgrounds. Over the last 10 years our EAL, Eastern European and Roma community has grown significantly. We work hard to ensure that all children are given the very best learning experiences and life chances. Last year, EAL children scored an average of 6.45 in reading, 5.53 in writing and 8.37 in maths in the KS2 SATS (compared to 0.0 nationally). Nationally, just 19% of Gypsy Roma Traveller children achieved ARE last year, compared to 67% at Bowling Park Primary. We are now in a position where we would like to share our combined experiences and knowledge with other practitioners to help New Arrivals, Eastern European and Roma learners around the district.


Published: 30/01/2020
Audience: Teachers, Headteachers, EAL Teachers
Contact: Harriet Crossley

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