School Survey: Autism and vocabulary learning

To be completed by: Fri 22 Nov 2019

Time: -Fri 22 Nov 2019 | Venue:

Can your knowledge and experience help with research on autism?

How do children with autism learn new vocabulary in schools?

Please tell us which strategies work in your school by completing a 6-minute school survey.


Shanidar TSA are delighted to be working with Karen Vaughan (former Shanidar Director) at the University of York on some research into autism, sleep and vocabulary learning.  The initial phase of the project is to review existing research journal articles on sleep / vocabulary learning in autism and to collect data on school approaches.   This will help to guide planning and focus for psychology research on autism, sleep and vocabulary in 2020 - 2021,  in Bradford schools.   Please complete the 6-minute survey using the link below:


Researcher: Karen Vaughan PhD student

Project Supervisor: Dr Lisa-Marie Henderson

Ethics approved: University of York, Psychology Ethics ID 817



Published: 22/11/2019
Audience: SENCOs, teachers, Headteachers
Contact: My Truong

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