New 2019 Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) Prototype and Changes

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Ofsted has published the primary Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) prototype for 2019 data.

This is to allow users to become accustomed to the changes before they come into effect. You can find this here: Using Ofsted’s IDSR

Important notes: 

  • during November 2019, Ofsted will be removing historic IDSRs from Analyse School Performance. Any users wishing to keep a copy of their historic IDSRs are advised to download and save their IDSRs before they are removed later in the autumn term
  • the sentences in the IDSR are dynamically generated. As such, schools may have a different number of sentences as well as content. This prototype represents one fictional school only
  • this prototype has been compiled prior to the build of the final IDSR product. As such, content may be subject to alterations and amendments.

IDSR changes:

In preparing for the EIF, Ofsted have re-developed the IDSR. The IDSR will contain fewer charts and will be shorter in length than previous versions. The new IDSR has been designed to:

  • Reduce the time spent preparing for an inspection.
  • Provide interpretation of the data for inspectors.
  • Minimise the focus on small groups that distract the conversation away from meeting the needs of all pupils.

The report will continue to contain areas of interest sentences to highlight important data trends and differences from national data. Existing contextual information will also remain but will be presented in the charts that were in the 2017 IDSR. 

What’s new in the IDSR?

The new IDSR has:

  • New contextual information including workforce census data, financial data, MAT and local authority information and school links.
  • New subject attainment sentences at key stage 4 to highlight potential subject areas to focus on.
  • Introduction of attainment trend charts.
  • Re-structured primary report to focus on subjects across the school, such as reading/literacy.
  • Reduced focus on pupil group performance. Group performance measures will now only be highlighted when they differ from that of all pupils.
  • Expanded destinations data, to include breakdown of pupil destinations for the past three years.

 What else is changing?

  • The IDSR will become a new ‘service’ and have its own dedicated area in DfE Sign-In.
  • Schools will still be able to access their IDSR through DfE’s Analyse School Performance by following a link to the new IDSR service. Schools can then download and save their IDSR as previously. There will not be a requirement for new login details.
  • Ofsted will be publishing a brand-new guidance document which combines the previous primary and secondary documents. This will coincide with the first 2019 IDSR release.


Published: 06/09/2019
Audience: All Headteachers, SLT, Data Managers and Business Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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