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The outdoor centres are offering talks within schools on extreme environments

We have recently been working with a number of schools to provide school-based sessions with the topic of extreme environments. This has been provided across the age ranges and has involved practical as well as theoretical sessions. This has improved learning as it has allowed children to be hands on to see how difficulty some tasks are. Such as, tying your boots whilst wearing a thick pair of over-mittens.


We have also tied this in with information on rescues and how a rescue team operates. Here we have made use of casualty bags and stretchers, amongst other pieces of equipment,  which has shown participants how time consuming and involved a mountain or cave rescue can be.


A brief outline of the session includes:

  • What is an extreme environment
    • darkness
    • altitude
    • hot
    • cold
  • How do we adapt to these environments
  • Living and operating in extreme environments
  • What is a mountain or cave rescue team
  • Is mountain rescue different in different parts of the world

If you would be interested in in the centres offering your class, or school, a session on extreme environments please contact either Buckden House or Ingleborough Hall to discuss a date and your exact requirements.

BUCKDEN HOUSE - 01756 760254 - buckdenhouse@bradford.gov.uk

INGLEBOROUGH HALL - 015242 51265 - ingleboroughhall@bradford.gov.uk





Published: 25/03/2019
Audience: Primary, Secondary and Special Schools
Contact: Lee Paskin

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