Email 'Phishing' Virus

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Appleton Academy has been targeted by a malware virus, which has affected staff email accounts.

This has manisfested itself in the form of numerous Appleton staff email accounts sending out a bulk phishing email to contacts who have previously received legitimate emails from Appleton Academy.  This has affected a number of colleagues from other schools and stakeholders.  If you receive any nondescript, unexpected or unexplained email correspondence purporting to be from Appleton Academy, which looks like the email pictured below, please delete this immediately and do not click on the 'view message' link:

If you have received an email and clicked on the link, please change the password for your email account and alert your ICT team.  The Network Manager at Appleton Academy has worked quickly to remove this virus at Appleton Academy and we believe that the issue has been resolved and should not persist.  If you have or do receive an email, we apologise for any incovenience or concern this may cause.  We would ask you to take the precautions outlined above and then contact us on 01274 600550 so that we can esnsure that this is not related to any new attack on Appleton's email server.

Thank you for your understanding.


Published: 15/03/2019
Audience: School Headteachers and Network Managers
Contact: Craig Armitage

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